Outsourcing of specialists

Outsourcing of specialists

Outsourcing of ICT specialists provides:

  • Immediate access to required competencies
  • The ability to quickly assemble a project team
  • Engaging top-notch, expensive specialists only for a limited time
  • Budget flexibility

By using outsourced resources our customers avoid:

  • Tedious process of recruitment and verification of candidates
  • Keeping workforce in periods of declining business
  • HR and payroll related formalities

ExpertLab has extensive experience in the area of  outsourcing of the specialists with niche competencies. We pay a huge attention to each project processed for our customers, which takes affect in excellent results in this area.

  • Customers who have begun to use specialized workforce provided by our company, have been already using their services without interruption for longer than 3 years
  • We had only three cases when contracts ended before the expected date. One of them was caused by the relocation of the specialist to another country, while the other two were a joint decision of the parties, and ended up with direct employment of the contractors by the customers with whom the contract was executed.
  • All other contracts executed by our company are, after originally contracted period extended by our customers, and more than 60% of them continues to this day
  • All customers who have ever worked with us in the area of specialized workforce supply are still our customers today.
  •  Every requirement and every candidate is treated individually, and this is probably the cause of such good results. We have a wide database of candidates who are top-notch experts in the field of ICT.