Live broadcast over the Internet

LiveAffect – Live broadcast over the Internet

LiveAffect is a new brand within the ExpertLab business. We deliver the professional live broadcast services over the Internet. We are able to provide full film service (HD quality cameras, operator services, the operation of the image and sound) and failure-free transmission of multimedia to the CDN, while ensuring live access to thousands of viewers.

We also offer recording and post-production of audiovisual materials and IT support associated with transmissions.

As part of the live broadcast, we provide:

  • FullHD quality
  • Professional realization of the vision and sound (in accordance with the principles of both the art of cinematography and directing of video and audio)
  • Support for mobile devices
  • File hosting (Video On Demand platforms)
  • Authorized access and payment handling
  • Animations and live graphics
  • Broadcast to tens of thousands of viewers
  • Post-production footage
  • Dedicated IT solutions

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