The revenue assurance and debt recovery system

Vindi – The revenue assurance and debt recovery system

The solution allows for fully automatic process of generation of reminders for overdue payments and receivables without the call-center operators. This allows for more efficient recovery of overdue and future payments. The system collects all necessary feedback on the campaigns carried out (reception of a message, play back a message, send SMS).

The application offers the following functionalities:

  • Campaign creation
  • Reporting to specific departments / individuals of campaign planning and execution,
  • On-line monitoring of carried out campaigns
  • Making calls to the specific number database
  • Sending SMS messages to a specific number database
  • Play back of voice information
  • The ability to record your own voice messages
  • Import of voice messages
  • Flexible management of users and rights of access to the platform
  • Reporting of completed calls
  • Recording statistics and reports of campaigns made

The solution is operated via web browser and  is independent of the operating system installed on the computer.

The major advantages of the system include:

  • Software-As-A-Service model of delivery – no need to big initial investment
  • Intuitive Web Browser based management
  • Huge capabilities of personalization of the platform
  • A short time required for use of the basic version of the solution
  • Commercially proven solution used by many users