Implementation and adaptation of BI solutions

Implementation and adaptation of BI solutions

Every business generates large amounts of data which can be used by companies to determine the factors that impacts their growth. Typically, these data are unfortunately stored in different silos, which makes very hard to analyse them in comprehensive way. The solution to these challenges is to implement a system dedicated for analysis of business data, which is able to bind the data and provides tools to facilitate their processing and analysis.

ExpertLab has experience in the implementation, integration, extraction, transformation and loading data to BI systems (ETL) and know-how  which allows us in cooperation with the customer to obtain tangible business results of the analysis of the data and present them in a convenient and valuable way.

We are able to assist clients in all areas of implementation and adaptation of BI solutions:

  • Installation and deployment
  • Extraction, transformation and loading data
  • Dashboards and reports preparation
  • OLAP analytics
  • Integration with existing BI solutions

We have huge experience in the implementation of projects based on Pentaho BI.

Within a few years, we participated in a number of projects in the field of Business Intelligence, in which the use of Pentaho environment has brought tangible benefits to customers in terms of improved business process analysis and capabilities to make strategic business decisions faster.

Our specialists delivered projects that included, among other things implementation of:

  • Data warehouse for OLAP analysis and reporting for a leading provider of radio and TV signal transmission
  • Reporting data warehouse for one of the telecom operators
  • Fraud detection system in mobile networks