Outsourcing of project teams

Outsourcing of project teams

Outsourcing of ICT specialists provides:

  • Immediate access to required competencies
  • The ability to quickly assemble a project team
  • Engaging top-notch, expensive specialists only for a limited time
  • Budget flexibility

By using outsourced resources our customers avoid:

  • Tedious process of recruitment and verification of candidates
  • Keeping workforce in periods of declining business
  • HR and payroll related formalities

In the case of projects where quick start is necessary and the requirements dynamically change or require clarification – ExpertLab meets the expectations of our customers by providing outsourcing of entire project teams. This ensures obtaining for the project team that is already integrated and has already delivered projects together. We offer partial or comprehensive delivery of full projects.

Our service is aimed at companies that implements projects using third-party resources and at those who do not have the appropriate internal competencies to successfully deliver the project. The service delivery project teams provide services covering the full project cycle from requirements analysis, through project plan preparation up to implementation and maintenance of the system. In terms of methodology of outsourcing projects, we recommend the right solution tailored to the customer’s standards.